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SINES - Grundfos RSI - solar pump inverter



Use with Grundfos pumps up to 250 kW

The intelligent off-grid Solar Inverter (RSI) is designed to run with large Grundfos pumps, greatly expanding possibilities for solar water solutions offering low (or nearly no) operating costs.

RSI 2.2

2.2kW, 5.6A
3x 380-415V


RSI 3.0

3kW, 8.0A
3x 380-415V


RSI 4.0

4kW, 9.6A
3x 380-415V


RSI 5.5

5.5kW, 12A
3x 380-415V


RSI 7.5

7.5kW, 16A
3x 380-415V


RSI 11

11kW, 23A
3x 380-415V


RSI 15

15kW, 31A
3x 380-415V


RSI 18.5

18.5kW, 38A
3x 380-415V


RSI 22

22kW, 46A
3x 380-415V


RSI 30

30kW, 61A
3x 380-415V


RSI 37

37kW, 72A
3x 380-415V


RSI 45

45kW, 87A
3x 380-415V


RSI 55

55kW, 105A
3x 380-415V


RSI 110

110kW, 205A
3x 380-415V


RSI 132

132kW, 261A
3x 380-415V


RSI 160

160kW, 310A
3x 380-415V


RSI 200

200kW, 385A
3x 380-415V


RSI 250

250kW, 400A
3x 380-415V


Solar pumping systems for reliable Water Supply in Africa

The Grundfos Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) is an off- grid solar inverter converting the DC power output from the solar panel to AC power supply for pump operation.
RSI can be used in both new and existing systems as long as the motor specifications are compatible and the motor is suitable for use with a variable frequency drive.

The list below contains the Grundfos pump types for use in applications with RSI:
• Grundfos CR
• Grundfos SP
• Grundfos NB, NK
• Grundfos MTR
• Grundfos CM
• Grundfos TP

RSI is designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation. The system is suitable for various water supply systems, including irrigation.
RSI can be used in existing systems with submersible pumps or dry-installed pumps, thus providing a very wide range of applications allowing you to leverage renewable energy sources with the ability to back up the system with grid or generator power.

Enclosure classes up to IP66

RSI is available in three enclosure classes: IP21, IP54 and IP66.
• IP21: RSI must be installed in a cabinet with sufficient ingress protection.
• IP54: RSI can be installed without a cabinet, but must not be installed outdoors without additional protection against water and sun.
• IP66: RSI can be installed without a cabinet. It can be installed outdoors, but should be shaded from direct sunlight.

Setup wizard with Grundfos product library

RSI has a built-in Grundfos product library which allows a plug-and-pump experience. The motor library contains all related parameters, which simplifies the setup process to just a few clicks and a setup time of a few minutes.

RSI 3x380-440V IP66 37kW 72A

Detachable operating panel

The operating panel is mounted on RSI by using a magnet and a communication plug. The inverter can operate without the operating panel and operates with the last saved setup data.
RSI is AC and DC compatible. RSI can be connected to the grid or a generator as back-up power during solar panel disruptions.
The AC compatibility also allows the end user to connect the inverter to three-phase power in their workshop for off- site setup, which enables a fast and simple on-site installation.

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

The inverter has built-in electronics with four MPPT algorithms. The inverter continuously optimises the power output according to available solar irradiation as well as various environmental conditions.

No-load protection

No-load situation of the inverter may occur if, for example, the cable to the motor is broken. The inverter disconnects the power connection to the motor if no-load occurs. The inverter stays in fault mode with the error code displayed until reset.
For the no-load protection to function properly, check the RSI installation and operating instructions carefully and follow them during operation.

RSI 3x380-440V IP54 250kW 460A


Pump requirements for an RSI system:
• The rated frequency can be either 50 or 60 Hz.
• The pump must be able to operate with a voltage supply of 3 x 380 VAC or 3 x 220 VAC.
As standard, Grundfos three-phase pumps can only be operated via an AC voltage supply. Therefore, the solar panels must not be connected directly to the pump but must be connected via an RSI.

Electrical and enclosure data

Installation environment
•Minimum ambient temperature : -10°C
•Maximum ambient temperature : 60°C
•Maximum relative humidity : 100%
Electrical data
•Minimum MPP voltage : 450VDC
•Recommended MPP voltage : 530-615VDC
•Maximum input voltage : 800VDC
•Input voltage : 380-480VAC
•Rated output voltage : 380-440VAC
•Minimum frequency : 5Hz
•Maximum frequency : 160Hz
•Phases : 3
•Enclosure class : IP54, IP66

Output filters

Output filters are used for reducing the voltage stress on the motor windings and the motor insulation system as well as for decreasing acoustic noise from the motor driven by a frequency converter.
One type of output filter is available as an accessory for the RSI:
• sine-wave filters.

RSI input terminals

Make sure that AC and DC power source are never supplied to the RSI simultaneously, unless it is installed with PowerAdapt. An interlocked change over switch is recommended.

RSI input terminals

Standard I/O

The terminals of the Standard I/Os and the Relays are described below. The terminals shown on shadowed background are assigned for signals with optional functions selectable with DIP switches. See more information in RSI Installation Manual.

RSI input terminals

SINES - Grundfos RSI - solar pump inverter

The water production of an RSI system depends on the availability of solar power. The typical result is excess water production in the afternoon and insufficient water production in the morning and evening. A system equipped with a storage water tank enables a stable water supply throughout the day. In a combiner box, all cables from the solar panels can be connected into one set of power input cables before connecting them to RSI - source: https://fr.grundfos.com/

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