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In order to help project owners, prior to the development of a project, our research team also offers a complete range of personalised technical consultancy services. Our know-how enables us to meet the specifications of each project.

SINES responds to the individual requirement of the customer and offers studies, sizing, project management, supervision, professional system engineering, single component delivery or delivery of tailored packages – world-wide!

SINES’s sales and service team can help you select the right system components and answer any other questions you might have. Our team is made up of engineers with an electronics, electricals or commercial background, thoroughly trained technical specialists.

Our experts assists customers in making pump selections based on design requirements of the application. The customer has to provide the head and flow requirements and our enginer will provide pump options that meet the application’s design criteria. Additional informations like the ability to provide detailed pump reports, cost analysis, and VFD application curves are also available.

We can support you through all phases of your project, from development, technical planning and realization right through to system operations.


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