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Submersible pumps

SINES - submersible pump - Grundfos SP

Submersible pumps are primarily used for pumping of raw water from the underground. The pumps are installed in boreholes or wells, submerged below the water level. For industrial purposes you can place the pump in e.g. a tank. Our pumps are suitable for applications like raw-water supply, irrigation, groundwater lowering, pressure boosting, fountain applications, mining applications and off-shore applications.

We offers energy-efficient submersible pumps ranging from 1 to 280 m3/h. Our pump range consists of many pump sizes, and each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.

Our pumps are energy-optimised and comply with the ErP Directive (Commission Regulation (EC) No 547/2012) which has been effective as from 1 January 2013. As from this date, all pumps are classified/graduated in a new energy efficiency index (MEI).

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Submersible pump

The SP range is your guarantee for high-quality water supply and is capable of handling flows up to 470 m3/h and head up to 810 m. With the new, updated 4″ range Grundfos can equip any application with a complete SP system to optimise performance and energy efficiency. Should you require more components to accommodate your specific needs the flexible system easily makes room for these.

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SINES - Lowara - submersible pump SINES - Lowara - submersible pump
LOWARA GS series
Submersible pump

The Lowara 4″ -12″ submersible borehole pump range is available in AISI 304, AISI 316 and duplex stainless steel for long service life. The hydraulics are designed for high sand handling capability. The pumps are used in water supply and irrigation, desalination, and deep well dewatering.

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