SINES : Solar powered solutions for rural and remote areas

Experienced pumping specialist operating internationally, SINES main business is the distribution of material to the African continent.
  • SINES - Water supply in Africa

Solar pump specialist and reference author in the field of water supply, SINES is classified as an equipment supplier, leader on the African continent. With a unique expertise, SINES provides efficient and reliable solutions at the best prices.

Uncompromising quality of the materials distributed, and eager to enroll our services in the long term, we have chosen to work exclusively with solar leading brands.

Our high-performance products and customer-focused approach to business give our distributors a unique position in the market. And the exceptional support we provide to all of our distributors — no matter where in the world they’re located — helps them grow and develop their areas of operation.

We organize parcel service, road cargo, sea freight and air freight to the desired destination according to the requirements of our customers from our warehouses in Germany, France and Netherland. We only work with reliable logistics partners capable of providing export worldwide, as fast as possible.

SINES is proud of its international team and presence in many countries across Africa. Developing solar powered pumping solutions in global markets combines our ability to adapt to local requirement and preferences, and our aim to deliver global scale & advanced solar engineering skills.

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Whether for 1, 10 or 100 pieces, if you are interested in our products we offer you the opportunity to pass an order and we deliver according to your requirements We only work with reliable logistics partners capable of providing export worldwide, as fast as possible