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SINES - submersible solar pump

Our solar powered vaccine refrigerators are as effective as the powered refrigerators. Our solar refrigerators doesn’t need any battery to deliver energy, they’re are efficient every day (even in low lights conditions) and every night without battery.
They are made for off-grid locations, remote or rural areas.

Medical solar refrigerators are made for storing vaccines, blood packs and pharmaceutical use.

The stability of temperature is the most important thing to control. Vaccines can be damaged if they are exposed to heat. Vaccine solar refrigerator have to work even in high ambient temperatures and even without batteries.

Our Sure Chill refrigerators are based on the World Health Organization (WHO) PQS approved refrigerators. The integrity of vaccines or blood packs is well safeguarded. You will find on every brochure the WHO PQS code.

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Sure Chill ZLF30DC
Medical Solar Refrigerators

Medical vaccines refrigerator made by Sure Chill. This refrigerator runs on solar energy and does not need any batteries to work. The vaccine storage is about 30 liters. It keeps vaccines 3,6 days at 43°C. It’s a very reliable product approved by the WHO.

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Sure Chill GVR50DC
Medical Solar Refrigerators

Vaccines and medical refrigerator Sure Chill, working only with solar energy. This solar refrigerator doesn’t need any battery. Very easy to install. It can keep fresh and safe vaccines during 5 days à 43°C. Capacity of 46,5 liters. An efficient technology approved by the WHO.

On request
Sure Chill GVR100DC
Medical Solar Refrigerators

Sure chill propose a solar refrigerator which works without any battery. GVR100DC can maintain a fresh storage area during 7 consecutive days at the perfect temperature of 4°C. This solar refrigerator is very reliable and approved by the WHO.

On request
Sure Chill ZLF150DC
Medical Solar Refrigerators

Sure Chill conservative vaccines. An innovative technology : this refrigerator works without battery, only with solar panels. It’s capacity is 128 liters for vaccines, it can keeps them fresh during 4 days. It’s a very reliable solar refrigerator, also approved by the WHO.

On request
Sure Chill GVR60FFDC
Medical Solar Refrigerators

Solar refrigerator Sure Chill. Refrigerator with 67,5 liters of capacity to store vaccines and a freezer area with 14,5 liters of capacity. Works without battery. Approved by the WHO. GVR60FFDC keeps vaccines during 4 days at the perfect temperature of 4°C.

On request
Steca PF 166-H PF 240-H
Medical Solar Refrigerators

A refrigerator which works only with solar energy. Steca propose a solar refrigerator works with every type of battery. Works with a 70Wc solar panel only. With digital temperature display.


Refrigeration System

No matter where you’re living : refrigeration system are essential to every part of your life : storing medecines and vaccines, support blood banks for medical centers. But electrical energy is not available every where, and it’s very rare in remote areas.
A refrigerator need constant connection to power to work with efficiency and to well control its temperature.

Designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation, solar submersible pumping systems are especially suitable for water supply applications such as villages, schools, hospitals, and single-family houses or farms and ranches, including watering of livestock and irrigation of crops and greenhouses.

That’s why solar powered solutions are very useful, especially in isolated areas : the sun can give you the missing power.
The sun can provide solar energy about 6 or 7 hours per day with solar panels. For nights or low lights conditions : Sure Chill has developed an ingenious solution which make your refrigerator efficient 24h/24, without any battery. It’s a real off-grid solution which works beautifully !

SINES propose the Sure Chill solution cooling system because its refrigerators are made to work without power for many days. So they can provide a fresh storage to help remote communities.

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