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Solar surface pumps LORENTZ PS2/PSk2

SINES - surface solar pump - Lorentz

LORENTZ PS2 systems are the second generation of solar surface pumps designed to deliver the highest volume of water across a wide range of lifts. PS2 pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area of drinking water applications where they reliably meet the most demanding requirements, economically and without the use of fossil fuels or a grid connection.

All PS2 systems have inbuilt data logging and a simple management interface. All systems can also be remotely monitored and managed remotely along with any other LORENTZ systems you have via our pumpMANAGER service.

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Solar surface pumps

Max. TDH: 20m - Max. flow rate: 0,9 m3/h

Solar surface pumps

Max. TDH: 40m - Max. flow rate: 8,9 m3/h

Solar surface pumps

Max. TDH: 50m - Max. flow rate: 19 m3/h

On request
Solar surface pumps

Max. TDH: 70m - Max. flow rate: 59 m3/h

On request
Solar surface pumps

Max. TDH: 20m - Max. flow rate: 5,0 m3/h

On request

Solar-powered irrigation and watering

Solar-powered irrigation solution can provide reliable, costeffective and environmentally sustainable energy for decentralised irrigation services in a growing number of settings. When deployed, the benefits include improved livelihoods (increased productivity and incomes, and food security), increased social welfare (poverty alleviation, emissions reduction) and reduced spending on fossil fuel subsidies and centralised infrastructure.

Within the broad spectrum of solutions, solar-powered irrigation has gained prominence lately. While solar pumping technology has been deployed for decades, recent cost reductions and increasing awareness of the potential benefits of this technology, has compelled a growing number of countries to launch programmes to accelerate its deployment. The private sector is showing a keen interest since the application of solar-based power is emerging as the preferred solution due to its predictability in supply, scalability and zero-fuel input.

SINES - Lorentz - irrigation

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