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Sure Chill -  Solar refrigerator - medical refrigerator - ZLF150DC

Sure Chill vaccines solar refrigerator ZLF150DC

  • Categorie : Medical Solar Refrigerators

Sure Chill vaccines conservator is a solar refrigerator : it doesn’t need battery to work perfectly. It’s a vaccines refrigerator with a great reliability. ZLF150DC can contain 99 liters for vaccines storage, it can keep them fresh during 4 days at 43°C.

Approved by the WHO, World Health Organization, this vaccines solar refrigerator can maintain all vaccines during 4 consecutive days at the perfect temperature of 4°C (it’s the perfect temperature to keep vaccines).


24V - 128L

Vaccines solar refrigerator ZLF150DC :

Sure Chill solar refrigerator ZLF150DC keeps vaccines in a fresh area, at the perfect temperature for them (4°C) during 4 consecutive days.
Its capacity is 128 liters for vaccine storage (gross volume : 132 liters).

Solar refrigeration :

Sure Chill technology allow to install the ZLF150DC only with solar panels. It doesn’t need any battery to work.
Solar panels collect energy during the sunny days, then the refrigerator give the energy back during nights and low lights days during 4 consecutive days. It’s a reliable technology that Sure Chill developed. That’s why the WHO approved Sure Chill solar refrigerators.

Installation of ZLF150DC refrigerator

It works without any battery, that’s why you can install it in a very easy and quick way.
You just have to connect the solar panels : 235Wp of monocrystalline solar panels.

ZLF150DC : control and protection

You can follow the inside temperature with the control monitor which is set up in the front of the refrigerator.
Moreover, you have the possibility to lock the door to securise the vaccines inside the refrigerator.

Characteristics of medical solar fridge GVR100DC :

Vaccines storage : 128 liters
Gross volume : 132 liters
Freeze free protection
Holdover at 43°C : 4 day
Required solar panels : monocrystalline panels 235Wp

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