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SINES - Lorentz - Smarttap water dispenser


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Enabling sustainable water provision for everyone

LORENTZ smartTAP is an off-grid water dispensing and management system which enables revenue collection, water entitlement and sustainable water provision.


Water Dispenser with PV module, 3m cable and PV pole mounting bracket

smartTAP tag

The tag securely holds customers water credit and identification.

smartTAP App

The App is used by local water sellers to add credit to tags

Solar pumping systems for reliable Water Supply in Africa

LORENTZ smartTAP combines hardware, software and predefined business models to allow for water infrastructure to be delivered in an economically sustainable way.

Users of the system access water from a tap using a tag. The tag is precharged with water credits at a local shop or directly with the connected optional GSM modem. The revenue collection function allows the system to be maintained, any investments to be returned and for the system to be expanded to more users.

The LORENTZ smartTAP solution provides the necessary technology for sustainable water solutions anywhere in the world.

The LORENTZ combination of field experience, hardware design, manufacturing for off grid environments and software development results in a solution that is reliable and flexible.

SINES - Lorentz - Smarttap case study

Community water provision : Reliable, safe and affordable drinking water with Lorentz smartTAP  source: https://www.lorentz.de/

The LORENTZ smartTAP components allow for not only a single tap deployment, but also for a fully scalable multi community solution. The modular design means the system is cost effective at any size.

The system analyses and reports any problems for long lasting service. Hardware is designed to be repairable with low skill levels and limited training. Sub unit parts are simple to replace and can even be repaired down to component level in country, making smartTAP a dependable long-term solution.

LORENTZ smartTAP technical capabilities
Technical description
• off-grid, self-contained water dispenser
• solar powered with battery backup
• 72 hours of operation without any sun
• optional internal GSM modem for realtime communication
• head unit with PV module for charging

Internal data storage
• records up to 10 years of water transactions
• intuitive external data collection via Bluetooth

Operating modes
• completely standalone operation
• tap operates autonomously in an island mode
• credits are held on the tag
• tag charging is handled via local water seller
• full data analysis with local pull/ push of data from assitant app Connected
(with optional GSM modem)
• bi-directional connection to smartTAP communication hub for data collection and remote credit deployment
• full remote analysis and problem reporting

smartTAP tag charging
• via local water seller (cash or mbile money)with the smartTAP Android ™ App (autonomous mode)
• collect credit at any tap (connected mode)
• hybrid of autonomous and connected modes to fit local social requirements

Pressure requirements and delivery flow rates
• minimum 0.1 bar / 1.5 psi (1 m head of water)
• minimum 100 ml water delivery
• 23 l/min @ 0.5 bar (5 m / 16 ft head) – fill 20 l container in 52 seconds
• 14 l/min @ 0.2 bar (2 m / 6.5 ft head) – fill 20 l container in 85 seconds
• maximum pressure for practical use – 3 bar
• absolute maximum pressure – 10 bar

Pressure / flow diagram
SINES - Lorentz - smarttap performances

Dimensions and weights of smartTAP body
• height 400 mm / 15.75 ”
• length 300 mm / 11.81 ”
• width 187 mm / 7.36 ”
• weight (dispenser) 4.8 kg
• weight (PV module and cable) 1.36 kg

Wherever there is piped water, a LORENTZ smartTAP water dispenser can be installed.The supplied PV module charges the internal battery and gives the dispenser autonomy from grid power or external equipment.

Sustainable solutions need to be easy to maintain and repair in order to ensure longevity. The LORENTZ smartTAP water dispenser does not require any routine servicing. The innovative design means that any service requirements can be easily managed by local technicians.

SINES - Lorentz - smarttapp overview

SINES - Smarttap diagram

Community water provision : Reliable, safe and affordable drinking water with Lorentz smartTAP  source: https://www.lorentz.de/

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