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SINES - Fhoton SolarPAK - submersible solar pump


  • Categorie : Submersible solar pumps

Max. lift: 185m - Max. flow rate: 10,5m3/h

The Fhoton™ SolarPAK is the new modular, compact and more flexible system solution to meet your solar pumping requirements.

119-FDSP 0.55kW

Max. TDH: 145m
Max: 2,50m³/h

126-FDSP 1.10kW

Max. TDH: 185m
Max: 2,50m³/h

210-FDSP 0.55kW

Max. TDH: 85m
Max: 4,80m³/h

220-FDSP 1.10kW

Max. TDH: 130m
Max: 4,50m³/h

407-FDSP 0.55kW

Max. TDH: 55m
Max: 9m³/h

414-FDSP 1.10kW

Max. TDH: 95m
Max: 8,50m³/h

609-FDSP 1.10kW

Max. TDH: 59m
Max: 9,50m³/h

1711-FDSP 1.10kW

Max. TDH: 53m
Max: 10,50m³/h

10-FDSP 0,55kW-HR

Max. TDH: 115m
Max: 0,70m³/h

25-FDSP 0,55kW-HR

Max. TDH: 90m
Max: 1,60m³/h

50-FDSP 1,1kW-HR

Max. TDH: 70m
Max: 3,60m³/h

Solar pumping systems for reliable Water Supply in Africa

By utilizing quality components, innovative thinking, global market inputs, and a technical expertise in groundwater pumping, Franklin Electric has developed a rugged, high-output system, which tackles the challenges of harsh and remote environments. In addition, its design is more user friendly and allows for simplified maintenance. No other system delivers the features, benefits and reliability of Fhoton™ SolarPAK in just one package!

The Fhoton™ SolarPAK includes:

  • Franklin Electric 4" submersible motor
  • Franklin Electric 4" submersible pump
  • Fhoton™ Solar controller
  • Flow switch with 30 ft (10 m.) cable
  • Motor and drive ratings available: 0.75 or 1.5 hp (0.55 or 1.1 kW)


  • High-flow system for faster tank-fill and significant water output
  • Proven motor and pump technology for long-term reliability
  • Robust IP66, NEMA 4X enclosure minimizes impact from wildlife, insects, dust, and weather
  • Optimized for use with DC solar array
  • Operating status and fault conditions indicated by multi-color LED
  • Terminals provided for an optional data communications board
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for maximizing efficiency of input power
  • Soft-start feature prevents water hammer and increases system life
  • Allows use of new solar array or retrofit to existing array (subject to size and performance check)
  • Simple installation with no required maintenance
  • Built-in diagnostics and protection

SINES - Fhoton SolarPAK - submersible solar pump

Franklin Electric fhoton controller

SINES - Fhoton SolarPAK - submersible solar pump

Installation example in a borehole showing solar panels and solar submersible pump.
source: https://franklin-electric.com/

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