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Aquatec - submersible pump - SWP 6000

SWP 4000 - SWP 6000

  • Categorie : Submersible solar pumps

Solar submersible pump Aquatec SWP is made in USA, it’s a robust pump with high quality materials.
This SWP pump deliver 18 liters per minute. It’s an easy pump to install, great for off grid applications like homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds etc.

SWP 4000

Max. TDH 70m
Max: 0,38m³/h

SWP 6000

Max. TDH 35m
Max: 1,13m³/h


PV Max: 250Wc

Solar pumping systems for reliable Water Supply in Africa

Solar submersible pump Aquatec :

Install the SWP pump is very easy with no special tools required. It’s an ideal solar pump for many applications : homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds and more. Perfect for off grid installation.

The APC 30 250 controller is not included with the pump, it’s an option. But, if you want, you can very easily use your pump by connecting the pump directly to the solar panel with a switch.

Aquatec solar pump SWP is made in USA, with high quality materials which are safe for potable water. This submersible pump resists corrosion while submerged.

Aquatec is a company fouded in 1988 in California, United States. Its values are performance, excellency, rigor. SINES is Aquatec’s partner for solar pumping.

  • Aquatec SWP 4000 :

  • For a well of 4 "
  • Up to 70 meters deep
  • Up to 380 liters per hour

  • Aquatec SWP 6000 :

  • For a well of 6 "
  • Up to 35 meters deep
  • Up to 1130 liters per hour

APC-30-250 controller :

The APC-30-250 is doing a wonderfully job of not only maximizing well -flow output with its LCB/MPPT feature, but also protecting the AQUATEC pumps from variants in the conditions of the installation.

It helps SWP pumps live a full life, protecting them from over voltage (more than 30Vdc output to the pump) or over current conditions (the pump drawing more than 5 amps such as in cases where the discharge tubing is somehow suddenly blocked, both the SWP-4000 & SWP-6000 model), from running dry for hours in a well that has run-dry (SWP pump can run dry without damage, but the brushes are still wearing unnecessarily as it operates), from ground faults with the built-in grounding lug, from operating longer than needed once the tank is full with the built-in float level switch, and also protects a battery-bank from draining too low with battery operation mode which cuts off the pump operation at voltages below 23.7Vdc.

APC-30-250 has a unique feature with the trim-pot in the middle called “ output voltage” which is often used as a way to increase the voltage (turning the set screw clockwise) output to the pump (it will max at 30Vdc , regardless), or decrease the output voltage (turning counter clockwise) to the pump, as customers use this to equate the pump performance flow output to the well yield, and this prevents/minimizes the possibility of the pump running dry and over extracting the well.

Aquatec - pompe immergée - SWP 6000

Aquatec SWP controller.

Aquatec - pompe immergée - SWP 6000

Aquatec SWP 6000.

SINES - Lorentz - submersible solar pump

Installation example showing Aquatec SWP and APC-30-250

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